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What is the Old Testament?

The Old Testament is a history of the nation of Israel.It tells the story of how this particular people were chosen by God, how they constantly rebelled against Him and how they were rescued by Him. It describes God’s love for them, His patience with them and judgment upon them.

The Old Testament is also a library, a collection of 39 different books. It brings together the writings of many different people using many different styles. It includes family stories – detailed accounts of births, marriages and deaths – and national history – victories, defeats, and tales of good and bad kings. It also includes poetry, law, sermons and dramas, as well as prophets’ predictions, warnings and encouragement..

The Old Testament is also the handbook for Israel’s religion.It gives instructions for Israel’s religious rites and celebrations, and sets out patterns of behavior. It explains how to worship and describes what religious buildings should be like; it explains how religious taxes are to be paid and what gifts should be offered.

The Old Testament is also a collection of teachings about God.It describes what it means to belong to God – to be his people – and explains who God is and what he does. It shows how God can be worshipped and tells why he deserves worship.

The Old Testament is also communication.
It is presented as God’s own word to his people – dynamic, and potentially life-changing.
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