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What is a demon? (Mark 5: 2 5)

A demon is a fallen angel. When Satan, who was the very highest angel, rebelled against God, he took a large number of the angels with him in rebellion (Is. 14: 12 – 15; Rev. 12: 3, 4). When their rebellion failed, they were cast out of heaven. Those angels are now demons. As angels can ascend the heights of spirituality, demons reach the depths of hatred, bitterness, and perversion. Demons torment people, possess them, and lead them from God and His truth (Mark 5:2 – 5; Acts 13: 6 – 12).

Although lust, homosexuality, drunkenness, gluttony, and witchcraft are expressions of sinful flesh, these are among practices that can also be expressions of demonic activity in the lives of people. Grossly perverted sexual practices, such as sadomasochism and pedophilia, have demonic roots. In a similar manner, schizophrenia can be a mental disease, but it can also be caused by demon possession.

Just as the angels have archangels and higher powers, the demons have what are called “principalities and powers”. It is possible that various demon princes are in charge of specific cities or regions in the world.

There is conflict in the invisible world between God’s loyal messengers and the demonic hosts. Somehow in God’s wonderful order, He uses the prayers of His people to restrain activity and to direct the action of angelic powers to control demons (see Dan. 10).
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