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Son of God

Back in time, the term son of God was sometimes used to refer to particularly special people or heavenly beings. Paul and other later New Testament writers spoke of the Son of God to refer to Jesus in a special relationship to God. Jesus never used the term himself, but the Gospels clearly record many references to Jesus’ unique son ship.

Most significantly, on two occasions a voice from heaven described him to be a beloved son. The first was at the beginning of his ministry, at his baptism (Mark 1:11), and the second was at the extraordinary event known as the Transfiguration (Mark 9:7). At this event, the disciples who were with Jesus saw his clothes become dazzling white, as he appeared to be joined by Moses and Elijah before being enveloped by his cloud. Jesus was also happy to talk about God as ‘my Father’ (e.g. Matthew 11:27), and even referred to him by the familiar term, abba, whose closest translation is dad or daddy.
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