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What are the Names of God?

Names in Biblical times were very important; they revealed a person's character. As we read through Scripture we can see the importance of names, therefore, it should be a priority in your life to learn the Names of God.

God uses many names in the Bible which explain His nature, character and the way He cares for us, each reveals Him in a different way.

This is an extensive listing of the many Names of God as found in His Word the Bible.

The God of all mankind
-(Jeremiah 32:27)

God of Heaven
-(Nehemiah 2:4)

Holy One
(Job 6:10)

I Am
(Exodus 3:14)

(Jeremiah 10:17)

Yahweh / Lord
- (Exodus 3:13 – 16)

Ancient of Days (Attiq yomin)
- The ultimate authority as judge of the world (Daniel 7:9)

- Most High / God has final authority (Daniel7:18)

- God, Mighty Creator (Isaiah 40:28)

El Elyon
- God the Highest (Genesis 14: 18 – 20)

El Shaddai
- God Almighty (Genesis 17:1; 49:25)

El Olam
- God Everlasting / the Eternal God (Genesis 21:33)

El Roi
- The God who sees (Genesis 16:13,14)

Esh Oklah, El Kanna
- Consuming fire, Jealous God (Deuteronomy 4:24)

El Chay
- The Living God (Deuteronomy 5:26)

El Elohe Yisra’el
- God of Israel (Genesis 33:20)

El Berit
- God of the covenant (Judges 9:46)

- Lord, Master / God has authority (Psalm 2:4)

- Judge / Ruler (Genesis 18:25)

Yahweh / Jehovah
- Lord and Saviour (Exodus 3:13-16)

Yahweh Jireh 
- The Lord will provide (Genesis 22:14)

Yahweh Rapha
- The Lord who heals (Exodus 15:26)

Yahweh Nissi
- The Lord our banner / God gives us victories (Exodus 17:15)

Yahweh Mekaddishkem
- The Lord who sanctifies (Exodus 31:13)

Yahweh Shammah
- The Lord is there / The presence of God (Ezekiel 48:35)

Yahweh Shalom
- The Lord my Peace / God brings us inner harmony (Judges 6:24)

Yahweh Saboath
- God of Armies / God is all powerful (1 Samuel 1:11; 17:45)

Yahweh Tsebaoth
- The Lord of Hosts (Psalm 103:21)

Yahweh Tsuri
- The Lord my Rock (Psalm 18:2)

Yahweh Rohi
- The Lord is my Shepherd (Psalm 23:1)

Yahweh Tsidkenu
- The Lord our righteousness / By God’s acts he declares and makes his people righteous (Jeremiah 23:6)

Abba, Pater
- Father (Malachi 2:10)

Qedosh Yisrael
- The Holy one of Israel (Isaiah1:4)

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